The Parifi Protocol presents a groundbreaking approach to perpetual trading by integrating advanced features that address the unique challenges of the perpetual market landscape. Its commitment to the principles of decentralized finance is reflected in its avoidance of venture capital influence, emphasizing its community-driven foundation.

Adaptive Pricing Mechanism

Parifi employs a liquidity curve-based pricing mechanism that dynamically adjusts to maintain equilibrium within the trading ecosystem. This ensures that liquidity providers are adequately compensated, while traders benefit from fee structures that align with the current liquidity.

Account Abstraction Layer

Security and decentralization are at the core of Parifi's design. The Account Abstraction layer incorporates robust systems like the Safe Smart Wallet, Web3Auth, and Gelato to provide a secure yet user-friendly trading experience that supports social media logins.

Auto-compounding Vaults (Pools)

For liquidity providers, Parifi introduces auto-compounding vaults that eliminate the need for manual intervention in fee collection and redeposit procedures, allowing earnings to accumulate through automatic reinvestment of fees and trader losses.

Hybrid Pools

The protocol utilizes separate pools for position collaterals and liquidity provisions. This design includes a stable vault for USDC and a non-stable vault for ETH, each operating independently but together facilitating the creation of diverse asset markets.

Simplified Revenue Sharing

Parifi offers a straightforward affiliate program that allows partners to benefit from the fees generated by their referrals. This program is designed to be accessible and versatile, with the possibility of self-referral to reduce opening fees.

Unlimited Positions

Traders are not restricted in the number of isolated positions they can hold in the same market, providing the flexibility to employ various trading strategies simultaneously.

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