Staking PRF

Staking within the Parifi protocol is facilitated through a Balancer pool with an 80/20 ratio of PRF to ETH. This configuration is deliberate to enhance the management of liquidity for the PRF tokens. The purpose extends beyond mere liquidity provision; it's about incentivizing stakeholders who, through their staking, contribute to the token's overall liquidity, thereby reinforcing the market's stability.

The staking interface abstracts the complexities of the liquidity pool, allowing users to stake directly with ETH or PRF. This simplifies the user experience, ensuring easy participation regardless of which asset someone chooses to stake.

Earnings and Protocol Revenue

Staking in the PRF/ETH 80/20 pool earns rewards in two distinct forms:

  • Swap Fees: A direct benefit from the trading activities that occur within the Balancer pool.

  • Protocol Revenue: A share of the revenue generated by the Parifi protocol, which includes various transaction fees collected across the platform. It is crucial to understand that this share is not a dividend but rather a reward for bolstering the protocol's liquidity, and is not tied to any promises of token value appreciation.

Future Governance Role

Looking ahead, stakers in the Parifi ecosystem will be granted governance rights, enabling them to influence protocol decisions and shape the future of the platform. This evolution will enhance community-driven governance and decentralization.

Liquidity and Stability Contribution

Participation in staking solidifies the liquidity foundation of the PRF token, contributing to its price stability. This is crucial in creating an environment where trading is less susceptible to volatility, thus benefiting every participant within the ecosystem.


The PRF token is crafted as a utility within the Parifi protocol. Its staking feature is designed for active governance participation and liquidity enhancement. PRF should not be construed as a security or an investment product. Any value acquired through holding or staking PRF stems from its operational utility within the ecosystem, and not from speculative value increases or any guaranteed returns.

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