Risk Disclosure

Acknowledgment of Risks in Using Blockchain Technology By accessing or using Parifi’s services, you acknowledge and assume the inherent risks associated with transactions that rely on blockchain technology, smart contracts, and other emerging digital technologies. These risks include, but are not limited to:

  1. Experimental Nature: The technology behind Parifi, including smart contracts and various blockchain protocols, is experimental and speculative. It's in a constant state of evolution and subject to ongoing development and changes.

  2. Technology Risks: You acknowledge the inherent risks associated with using blockchain technology, including potential bugs, malfunctions, and vulnerabilities to cyberattacks. Changes in the blockchain network, such as forks, can significantly impact the functionality and reliability of blockchain-based services.

  3. Loss of Cryptoassets: The technologies used in Parifi transactions may expose you to the risk of total loss of crypto assets or their market value. This loss could be due to technical failures, security breaches, or fluctuations in the cryptocurrency market.

  4. Private Key Responsibility: You are solely responsible for the secure management of your private keys associated with your blockchain address(es). Loss or unauthorized access to your private keys can result in the irretrievable loss of your crypto assets. Parifi assumes no liability for the loss or compromise of your private keys.

  5. Immutability of Transactions: Blockchain transactions are immutable. Once executed, they cannot be reversed or altered. This includes all transactions involving crypto-assets and data encoded into these assets. You must exercise due diligence and care when engaging in blockchain transactions to avoid irreversible errors.

  6. Third-Party Risks: Parifi is not liable for the content, services, or actions of any third-party platforms or services, including networks, applications, and interfaces like Discord or MetaMask. Use of third-party services in connection with Parifi is entirely at your own risk.

  7. Automated Processing: All transactions on Parifi are processed automatically using blockchain-based smart contracts. By using Parifi, you consent to this automated processing, which includes the distribution of transaction funds and ownership of crypto-assets as governed by the relevant smart contracts.

  8. Irreversible Transactions: All transactions conducted through Parifi are final and irreversible. There are no refunds for transactions executed through Parifi’s platform. Parifi may also be subject to disruptions, technical challenges, or security threats that could adversely impact its operation.

  9. Wallet Security: You bear full responsibility for securing your digital wallet used in connection with Parifi. Parifi is not responsible for managing or maintaining the security of your wallet. It is your duty to protect against unauthorized access to your wallet, which could lead to loss or theft of assets.

By using Parifi, you agree to accept these risks and acknowledge that Parifi, its affiliates, or any associated individuals or entities cannot be held responsible for losses arising from the risks associated with blockchain-based technology. It is your responsibility to understand and consider these risks before using Parifi’s services.

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