Audits are essential to ensuring the security and reliability of DeFi platforms. For Parifi, comprehensive audits have been conducted to validate the integrity and safety of its smart contracts and underlying protocols. These audits are a testament to our commitment to security and transparency.

Current Version Audits

The current version of Parifi contracts has undergone thorough audits by Guardian Audits, a reputable firm recognized for auditing prominent DeFi protocols such as GMX and Beefy Finance. These audits meticulously examine various components, including:

  • Smart Contract Vulnerabilities: Assessing potential risks and weaknesses in the smart contract code.

  • System Logic: Ensuring the logical flow and efficiency of the system's operations.

  • Contract Efficiency: Evaluating the performance and optimization of the smart contracts.

Audit Reports:

  • The detailed audit reports for Parifi's current version are available on our GitHub repository.


While Parifi is committed to the highest security standards, it is important to note that our measures and audits do not serve as an insurance policy. The nature of DeFi and blockchain technology involves inherent risks, and we encourage our users to exercise caution and conduct their own research when participating in the ecosystem. Our efforts in security are aimed at minimizing risks but cannot wholly eliminate them.

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